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Sharpen your voice with Sword Word Creative

You’re on the cusp of producing a powerful idea, but maybe your words just need a bit of sharpening. We are at your service!

Sword Word Creative is an English editing, writing, and teaching service that aims to arm your voice — whether written or spoken — for greatness. We are here to help you polish your academic research, book, landing page, software or business documents, covering letter, or anything in between. We also offer ESL lessons and tutoring for your career development, IELTS prep, or general English skills.

Creative services

Editing and proofreading

Sharpen your words!

If your book, blog, or academic article needs thorough and insightful proofreading and copy editing, we are at your service.

Copy writing and documentation

Mobilize your words into powerful ideas!

Let’s work together on your new website, blog, or software documentation.

ESL tutoring and materials

Sharpen your voice!

If you are prepping for IELTS or are seeking one-on-one ESL lessons for general, business, or academic needs, we are ready to help.

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