Options, data, and pizza.

I want to begin by saying the title of this blog is completely inspired the brilliance of my good and longest-tenured friend David Beukers. He is a man of whimiscal wit, joyful goofiness, admirable talent, and even more admirable intelligence. The title of this blog was once inside-joke/catchphrase he had devised whilst we were playing Mario Kart 64 one New Year’s Eve night. Those familiar with the game know Mario narrates every selection you make through the menu screens. So David, as he does so well, mimicked the moustachioed main character, then reached for a slice of pizza, continuing in the mimicry. The move was sheer brilliance.
Anyways, David is a music-man. And you can find his work here.
I have been meaning to start this blogging phenomenon for quite some time. To steal a line from the great animated cartoon show Adventure Time, I feel that I am a man with an approximate knowledge of everything. I am no genius. I do not tout to be one. I do not have a general theme for this blog. Of course they will be things of my interest, but I have no idea where this blog will go. I apologise ahead of time for the lack of structure. In all, I just want to contribute to the public discourse on a number of things that I have find interesting enough to cause me to think for a bit. They include, but are not limited to: news, international affairs, video games, Christianity, religion in general, sports, animated television shows, classical music, and movies. I hope you enjoy my contributions. I hope I don’t offend anyone. I hope I convince everyone to conform my worldview. I hope you won’t disagree with me. I want to be friends with everyone.

No, really. I hope you enjoy and I hope I can start healthy conversations on anything I will talk about.

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