The Populace’s Pitch and the Non-restrictive Approach to Success – two research proposals

I will be depositing two theories which have no statistical or literary support to either prove or disprove them – yet. Both theories are related to sports, and both reflect every day happenstances for those outside the world of sports. The first theory I will coin as the Populace’s Pitch, and the second will be called the Non-restrictive Approach to Success. These names are subject to change, of course, because the names themselves I have just made up, and the theories they represent may or may not have any validity whatsoever. In a way, the following jaunt of text will function as a research proposal.

First, for the Populace’s Pitch, I predict that the social and racial makeup of the starting eleven, and likely the full roster, of a national football team will reflect the social and racial makeup of the nation they represent. In simple terms, an “homogeneous nation” will produce an “homogenous football team,” and a culturally diverse nation will produce a culturally diverse football team. I believe this theory, if proven correct, can offer onlookers a snapshot of the country’s social and political climate. I do not intend to suggest that one type of country is better than the other.

Key data samples to support the homogenous nation + football team theory could be the likes of the Baltic nations, those in the Balkans, and most of Africa and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, culturally diverse team data samples could be the United States, most of western Europe, Australia, and perhaps the Scandinavian countries. A country which could make or break my theory would be Israel, some Central European countries, South Africa, and maybe some Eastern European countries.

The second theory centres on the National Football League and entails a great deal of context and statistical support to even begin to explain. The sum is this: when athletes are given the freedom to express themselves, their production on the field soars. This theory has implications for those in the cubicle workspace as well; allow an employee to live and express themselves which may be outside the norms of typical office behaviour, and said employee’s workplace production will soar.

An examination of individual statistical success prior and following the rule change of player and team celebrations in the NFL will serve as the basis of this study. In 2017, after the NFL allowed its players to freely express themselves after on-field success and acts of wonder, individual and team statistics increased in all aspects of the game. Some say this is due to additional rule changes which favour the offensive players and which limit how a defensive play can attack the offense. I wish to disprove not only this idea within the circle of NFL experts but to apply my theory to a grander scale of the general workplace.

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