Super Bowl LIII was only one kind of ‘fest’

Rams vs. Patriots in Super Bowl LIII was a stressful spectacle. I was cheering hard for my patriarch’s hometown club. Los Angeles’ loss is the reason why this particular championship game was a disappointment.

Media and wannabe’s are calling it a snoozefest, a stinkfest, and a borefest. And these are exactly the kinds of comments that deters me from watching such important sporting extravaganzas in public viewing places. Super Bowl parties are the worst.

After seeing the NFL explode in offensive yards and scoring this year, it was truly refreshing to see a tight, defensive slugfest.

This is the only kind of fest that can be attributed to Super Bowl LIII.

Super Bowl LIII was a defensive treat and completely enthralling in its break-at-any-moment pressure. The people calling it a stinkfest is the reason why I don’t attend Super Bowl parties— John van Vliet (@John_vanVliet) February 5, 2019

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