Social Media License (SoMeL) – a course overview

How often have we seen a poor soul say something utterly stupid and subsequently, rightfully or wrongfully, lose their reputation or career? How often do we see our precious youth experience unrelenting banter and bullying because they wanted to, thoughtfully or neglectfully, express themselves online? How often do we see people of notoriety spew nonsense that intentionally or unintentionally, misleads their followers or readers passing by?

Social media is cool, but it is also a dangerous pitfall for the uninitiated or a viscous tool for the mouth-frothing schemer.

We here at the Institute for Sensible and Intelligent Speech (ISIS) are a pro-freedom of speech group that aims to train all peoples in voicing their individual opinions thoughtfully, carefully, and, most importantly, freely.

We are asking for all social media platforms to require their users to hold a particular kind of license before engaging on their platform. Until this requirement becomes reality, the Social Media License (SoMeL) will add a veneer of credibility and responsibility to a person’s online name.

SoMeL serves additional purposes in addition to training God’s beautiful children to not say something completely idiotic. These purposes includes:

  • Knowing how to differentiate online friend, acquaintance, or frenemy from online predator.
  • Providing individuals the basic know-how of keeping company or individual secrets safe.
  • An overview of using hashtags, target words, and SEO practices to help benefit your own voice.
  • Learning how to handle speech that is harmful to you or others, and how to properly identify speech that calls for violence.


The SoMeL course is open for individuals:

  • 16 years or older – enrolment is possible without parental consent.
  • Individuals younger than 15 years old – a parent or legal guardian’s permission is required before enrolling in the course.
  • Those living in countries currently classified as restrictive to free speech – special access to the course via our firewall-penetrating VPN will be granted.


Freedom of speech is free. Therefore, this course is free to everyone. We are not in the business of monetising a human right.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have confidence that you are contributing positively to the national/international conversation.
  • Know how to differentiate free speech from violent speech.
  • Learn how to avoid online predators or ignore trolls.
  • Have an overview of the standards of upholding company or individual confidentiality and right to privacy.
  • Learn to not giveaway your punchline or intent of a tweet with overstated hashtags.

We cannot guarantee that everyone will use their SoMeL for the greater good. It is entirely likely that some will feel they now have the “license to troll” or the “license to harass.” It is the intention of this license to weed out those who would use social media for evil. We cannot guarantee that some will not continue to use social media for stupidity.

The license is designed to prepare all individuals the proper way to engage in a conversation, the proper way of finishing or avoiding an unproductive or distasteful conversation, the proper way of sharing that inane video of your cat or what you’re eating for breakfast, the proper way quelling speech that is in poor taste, and the proper way of not exposing your imbecility or your naughty bits.

Course modules

  • What is free speech? A crash course on the free nations of this world’s fight to allow you to speak freely and stupidly.
  • What is hate speech? Quick tip: it’s free speech, but there is speech which actively calls for violence. This module helps participants differentiate free speech from violence advocation.
  • Grammar and usage at a 9th-grade reading level (or your respective language’s equivalent proficiency).
  • Type. Reflect. Send: Three steps to creating SoMe posts you won’t regret later.
  • Think of me, not of we: Discovering yourself as a Hand-of-God-made child and not strictly as just another face in the crowd.


  • Toppling Totalitarians – a seminar led by experts with hands-on experience.
  • Yes, they said that. So what? – learning how to peacefully deal with speech that takes aim at your dearly held beliefs.

Each module is followed by an exam. Participants must pass with a 70% or better in each module.

Course intended for

The SoMeL course is intended and available for absolutely everyone, because the right to speak is for absolutely everyone.

Career opportunities

Your chances at the career of your dreams will be in safe keeping when you can confidently and sensibly use social media as it was intended to be used.

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