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The Words We Speak – Round 2 Power Rankings

Concentration Camp explodes to the first position; Doodad provides comic relief

We apologize for the delay in releasing the last two weeks of power rankings for the Words We Speak. We thought we were experiencing major technical difficulties because of the oddities in the words we were seeing in the top 25 from the Unabridged Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary.

However, our tech support concluded that our virtual private network was not stuck in the year 1941.

So now we bring you a quick wrap up of Round 2 of the Words We Speak.

Round 2 – June 26, 2019

We are not sure what is more concerning to us so early on in the competition: that Concentration Camp, Fascism, and Rape hold places on the list, or that A, In, In, and Hi have made their way in, too.

More political jibber-jabber and a general lack of true knowledge of history have given leeway to many words which should occupy (no pun intended) lists and inquiries suitable for the History channel.

1 Concentration Camp

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Well, that came out of no where, didn’t it? A word once synonymous with Nazism and a solution of a finality-of-sorts shot to the number one position when its existence or non-existence at the US border came into question over the last two weeks. We are accustom to seeing these kind of words fly in and out of the power rankings over time, so we are confident that Concentration Camp will have a timely exit soon.

2 Noun

Round 1 ranking: 1

Going down one notch in the list is Noun, but its number two spot is still impressive.

What does Noun have going for it this season? We can understand the rivalry Adverb and Adjective being a basis of a popularity boost in word search, but a Noun should be clear to most people.

3 Adjective

Round 1 ranking: 2

It seems that Adjective has conceded the commensalism position to its symbiotic partner: Noun. With Verb also on the list, we are at a loss of words as to where Adjective’s long-time rival, Adverb, is to be found.

4 A

Round 1 ranking: unranked

We don’t know which persona of A is the cause of it holding a (there it is again) number 4 spot in the rankings. A as an article lacks the boldness of The, but it does have a special skill that other articles or prepositions cannot claim. A has, or certainly had, a knack to be a verb. God ‘a’ mercy on its soul!

5 In

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Now our power rankings may look a bit silly. In, in two forms, occupies spots 5 and 6. In which form In is number 5 and which is in number 6, we will never find out in a million years.

6 In

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Strange, innit? On we go to number seven…

7 Communication

Round 1 ranking: 5

Good communication is desired in relationships, the workplace, and on the playing field. However, there is something happening out there in this world that is causing Communication to be a top ten word for the second-straight week. We like the word, but are people lacking it in their private spheres?

8 Culture

Round 1 ranking: 3

Down goes the culture, many say. This is true for Culture on our list. As long as people struggle to define what kind of culture Culture is cultured around them, Culture will certainly have a place on this list.

9 Fascism

Round 1 ranking: 12

Climbing three spots is Fascism. It’s a good thing that people are taking the time to find the definition of this word, but it may all be for naught. The ardent opposition of Fascism, Anti-Fa(scism), in America ironically, we argue, don’t live up to their name.

10 Love

Round 1 ranking: 18

The power of Love! Glad to see this word shoot up eight spots. The more divisive our world seems to become, the better of a chance Love can be enacted. We think there is more of this word in the world than any outrageous media outlet from one side or the other would say otherwise.

11 Vincible

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Vincible showed grit to come from nowhere to number 11 on the list, but it does show weakness. The departure of its prefix, In, proves there is vulnerability in Vincible.

12 Trichologist

Round 1 ranking: unranked

We were scratching our heads so much after seeing this word appear in the rankings that we subsequently had to call a trichologist. A certain president’s hair may have prompted this otherwise obscure -oligist competitor to enter the national conversation.

13 Freight

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Money makes the world go ’round, but Freight has to get it around the world, we say. Attacks on Freight in certain gulfs is the cause of this word to enter the list for this week. What about it, though, did people need to look up?

14 Gay

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Don we now our gay apparel? Gay is either as an adjective for happiness or the alternative noun for homosexuals. The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots may have piqued the interest of word-snoopers to get a sense of this word.

15 Amendable

Round 1 ranking: unranked

What’s great about doing these power rankings is that our assessments as to why these words enter the national conversation is amenable. But not everyone can enjoy the fruits of Amendable’s provisions. The Constitution is amendable, because we are a changing nation; but one’s political views cannot be amendable, because how dare you change your mind on something!

16 Verb

Round 1 ranking: 14

People researched Verb slightly less than in the previous round, but the word still holds merit and mystery for many to keep it on the list.

17 Socialism

Round 1 ranking: 16

Socialism fell one spot on the list, and many are crying corruption and cronyism because of it. Other words are getting more clicks than others, and that’s just wrong.

18 Doodad

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Offering some comic relief to this list is Doodad, a word often used by those who are trying to avoid technical jargon when speaking to the layman, or used by the layman himself when trying to describe something beyond their vocabulary.

19 Impish

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Here’s a funny one that gets used in all sorts of manners. Impish saw limelight recently when being used to describe films, World Cup chip-shots, and the way nobleman smile at each other. Really. Type this word in the Google doodad and see for yourself.

20 Rape

Round 1 ranking: 20

Rape stays where it was last week. We won’t comment any more.

21 Science

Round 1 ranking: 19

Science is good. If Science can partner with Faith, now we are talking business.

22 Whimsical

Round 1 ranking: unranked

On a whim came Whimsical, and we feel it will likewise exit the list in short time.

23 Hi

Round 1 ranking: unranked

Now we are wondering if children got onto the interweb and made a mess of this whole thing. Hi for now, bye-bye then.

24 Family

Round 1 ranking: 21

Focus on your family, is what Family would say before it possibly leaves the list in the coming weeks.

25 Racism

Round 1 ranking: 24

Enough people searched for this word to keep it alive on the list. Shame.

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