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CELTA-certified ESL teacher

Hi there! I’m Ashleigh, part of the duo behind Sword Word Creative. My husband and I started this website as a means to create and explore our respective fields. His being writing, editing, and just general creative freedoms, and mine being English language teaching.

I started as an ESL teacher back in 2017 with NO prior experience and instantly fell in love with the profession. I’ve always enjoyed the art of teaching and working with people, having been a basketball coach off and on for five or so years. There’s no better feeling than watching someone have that “ah ha!” moment and seeing everything click into place.

My experience

I worked as an ESL teacher in both Poland and Malta as well as part-time online private tutor. I’ve pretty much covered it all, from advanced adults, to beginner children, English for specific purposes, and exam prep.

The thing that fascinates and excites me most about ESL teaching is that no two students or classes are the same. I could teach the same lesson twice and have two totally different lessons. I love individualising lessons based on student needs and more importantly finding something that will excite and engage the student so that they get the most out of their time.

I share my experiences and what I’ve learnt as a teacher in the blog spaces, linked below:

Let’s sharpen your English language skills together

As a stay-at-home mum, my time spent in the classroom has decreased. However, I find that I enjoy creating lessons and activities based on my own experiences. I love using my creativity to create activities that aren’t your stock standard “discuss with your partner”. I believe in incorporating new and recent materials to make the most authentic lesson that students are going to use in real-life.

Just because I’m not in the classroom anymore (for now!) doesn’t mean I have any less passion to help students “sharpen their voice”. Get in touch here to discuss how I can best help you achieve your goals either as a student to become a better English speaker or as a teacher with creating lessons and materials.

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