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The forging of Sword Word Creative

Choosing and using the right words is like supplying your writing and speech—your army of ideas—with the powerful weapons. Words are powerful when used correctly and appropriately!

Undesigning Words of the Week – Part 2

I have decided to go Draconian on the casing of Draconian and other adjectives of proper origin. This may be a Gargantuan language usage error on my part, and indeed I am likely living in a Quixotic reality, but I am making this stand once and for all.

Undesigning Words of the Week – Part 1

This is an undesigning effort to enhance your vocabulary, define the public sphere, and soliloquy on a series of topics in one go.

When ecdemics reveal the good and occulted things in life

Ecdemic, pandemic; tomayto, tomahto; this edition of Words of the Week highlights alternatives for “pandemic”, introduces “happy talk”, unveils “occultation”, and presents toasted “staff of life.”

Immured no more

Recently, US governors were given the green light to restart their states at a time appropriate for them. The sooner we no longer have to immure ourselves, the better.

Wide left

I believe that my short experience as a technical writer can relate to the experiences of kickers. I am not working the day-to-day grind of coding, developing, testing, and so. I am only needed when things are nearly ready and I need to translate technical jargon into an FAQ that any grandparent could follow.


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