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Employment work

Opera Software | Copyeditor

  • Wrote and maintained early version of the Opera Touch mobile browser help pages.
  • Proofread and edited UI text for web browsers and mobile applications.
  • Assisted with localization tasks.
  • Employed from Dec 2016 to April 2019.

Shireburn Software | Documentation Specialist

Northern Gas & Power | Copywriter

  • Content writer for the company, focusing on blogs, brochures, web copy, business tenders, and proposals.
  • Employed since May 2021.

Proofreading and editing portfolio

Sketches of the History of Konzentrationslager Gross-Rosen | by Dorota Sula

First edition

Muzeum Gross-Rosen w Rogoźnicy

Wałbrzych 2020

ISBN 978-83-89824-34-9

Polish Jews at Konzentrationslager Gross-Rosen | by Dorota Sula

First edition

Muzeum Gross-Rosen w Rogoźnicy

Wałbrzych 2021

ISBN 978-83-89824-36-3

Polish Political Science Review

Language editor and proofreader

Polish Political Science Review cover artwork


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