Destined, Purposed, and Fulfilled

Three men, strangers to each other, sat on a bench. They each felt inwardly incomplete and lacking. After significant time had passed, one man spoke…

Even the Stones Will Cry Out

“We are lovers of ourselves, and no one else. We are boasters, and proud. We call evil things good, and good things evil. In fact, we despise things which are good. We deny a higher power, but act like we are the higher power. And all of these things are driving us from the Lord in heaven. We are in a time where if we continue to keep silent and hold our tongues from confessing who the Lord is, that even the stones will immediately cry out.”

And God Remembered Him

Most of the human race has left Earth, fearing its demise by their own hands was imminent. Few remain on the planet and are kept entertained by devices that can vividly play back their most cherished memories.

Henry is one such person who thrives on the joys of yesteryear. The nomadic man frequently moves to the villages left standing on Earth in an effort to create new memories to store. His old life left Earth along with most of the human race, isolating himself and a smattering of peoples on the unkempt planet to live out their lives.


Critters come to their favourite watering hole to discuss the latest ongoings and controversies within their village. Meanwhile, one critter has a secret — or perhaps secrets — to hide.